Organic Insect Repellent
Made from coconut oil and citronella plus some secret ingredients. Available at Juan Bananas at Tumba de Yaka.

Organic Noni Health Tonic
Wholesale or retail in Aticama - Also sells fresh certified organic yaka and mangos.
Email Mayra Sandovol
Tel 2312084

Huichol Art
This lovely shop is located across from Wala Wala Restaurant on Avenida Juárez , (one block from the plaza). It has a large selecion of Huichol art and jewelry and also has a used book exchange. English Spoken

Located on Avenida Juárez (one block from the plaza), Sandra's has a good selection of shoes, clothes, and t-shirts. Their speciality is clothes made from manta, a natural beige cotten. Perfect place to buy your souviner t-shirts. English spoken.

Located on right on the plaza, ChaCha's specializes in cotton clothes imported from India - which work well in the tropical climate. They also offer sculptures, pots, lamps and other souviners and home decorations.