Hotels in San Blas

For budget travelers who are not staying long, you might check out one of 3 hotels that are on the main road from the plaza to the beach.  There is the Hotel Morelos, ( 323 285 1345 ) the Hotel Ranchero and around the corner the Casa Maria.  These are $15 to $20 a night and have communal cooking areas and garden patios.  These hotels are only about 2 blocks from the bus station. These are the closest thing San Blas has to a youth hostel.  

A good mid-range choice is the Posada Del Ray.  They have a small pool and a nice ambience.  Costs about $35 a night for a double, $5 extra for each additional person. 

For a more luxorious place try the Garza Canela or Los Flamingos. Both places are very nice and have large pools.


Another upscale option is La Casa De Las Cocadas with a nice view of the estuary from the upstairs bar. It is an older building that has been tastefully renovated and decorated. It has a huge TV screen for sports viewing. Check out their excellent website at Casa De Las Cocadas (01 323 285 0960).