Borrego Beach
Birdwatching Festival

The INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF MIGRATORY BIRDS will be held in San Blas January 29 thru Feb 12, 2012.
Birdwatching is big in San Blas. Click here for more info about birdwatching and a good English speaking guide.

Borrego Beach   Borrego Beach is about 1/2 mile away and people either walk down there are take their bikes.  One of the nice things about the beaches is they have ramadas, which are palm covered restaurants where you can sit at a table in the shade and order drinks or food.  Many of them have hammocks where you can relax and read.  In most of the places, there is no pressure to buy - you can buy a coke for 80 cents and spend the whole day, or you can order some nice fish or shrimp or guacamole.  This is the number one activity in San Blas. My personal favorite is "Mar y Sol" - nothing special - just real kicked back with good hammocks, good food and a nice family.  Caballitos del Mar has a great restaurant (same food as La Isla) if you are up for a big meal.   Frederico and Lucias is also known for their good food. Another popular place is Jacales towards the far end of beach. The food is good, especially their speciality - pineapple stuffed with seafood and cheese. If you walk down to the end of the beach there is an estuary with a beautiful tropical view.  We call it our Shangrala.

La Bajada  La Bajada is a villlage up in the mountains about 1/2 hours ride from San Blas. It is a pretty little town with nice people and good birdwatching. At the far end of the town there is a hiking trail - the old Camino Real that goes through coffee plantations and eventually on to the road to Tepic. Buses run from San Blas to La Bajada a couple times a day, and if you have time, you can walk back down to the main road. This is a nice day trip where you will be away from all other tourists.

Cultural Center    The old aduana building has been restored and is now a cultural center.  It is fabulous.  There are old photos of San Blas and each month they have an art show for featuring different artists.  They have also sponsored ballets, theater, and concerts.  Look at the posters around town to find out about the events.

Las Islitas The beach featured on this page is called Las Islitas and is about 5 miles outside of San Blas.  All the ramadas are nice, but my favorite is La Perlita way down the end because it has the best swimming beach, and also when the waves are breaking, you can ride the perfect wave from the second point. If you want the perfect day, go out there and order the fish sarandeando, cooked over mangrove wood.   The only problem in this paradise is the bugs - this is jejene heaven.   Buses run close by Las Islitas about every half hour.   Take the El LLano bus and get off at Matanchen.

Paraje del Rey  There is now a ramada at Casa Blanca and it is quite charming.  Casa Blanca is located on a mangrove estuary, several miles from San Blas.  It take about a half hour to get there but it is a very scenic boat ride.  The estuaries behind San Blas go on for miles.  The locals go back there in their dugout canoes to fish and catch oysters.  It is a whole another world out there.  The ramada is without electricity and all of the structures are completely built out of mangrove sticks and palm fronds - very picturesque.  I wondered if this is what San Blas looked like 100 years ago.  There is little noise and the hammocks are  the most comfortable I've found anywhere.   The only way to get there is by boat.  You can rent lanchas to take you out there and pick you up. The boat ride might be kind of expensive so get a group together to share expenses.

Isla Del Rey   You have to take a boat across the estuary to get to Isla Del Rey  but it only costs 5 pesos each way.  This beach is almost completely deserted and seems to go on forever.  You can climb up to the lighthouse to see a view of all of San Blas.  Isla del Rey is sacred ground for the Huichol Indians and they often perform there spiritual ceremonies there in their native costumes.

Hiking  There are many beautiful places to hike around San Blas.  You can hike for miles along the beaches. Or, you can take a bus and go hiking up at La Bajada along the Camino Real through the coffee plantations. 

Jungle Boat Ride  You can take a boat ride through the mangrove swamps to a natural fresh water pool where you can swim with the crocodiles*.   For us, swimming with the dolphins is boring, boring, boring.   You will see many species of birds, crocodiles in the wild, turtles and iguanas.  You can also visit the crocodile farm as part of this excursion.  This trip is a must.

Spanish Fort  You can walk up to the old Spanish fort on the top of the hill.  After Hurricane Kenna, it's now known as the ruins of the ruins.   

Casa Maņana  Casa Maņana is a hotel and restaurant located on the beach in Los Cocos.  You can spend the afternoon here, have a nice lunch, use the pool, or take a walk on the beach or on the hills above the beach.  To get here, take the El LLano bus and ask the driver to let you off at Casa Maņana.  A bus leaves the San Blas bus station every hour on the hour and the trip takes about 45 minutes due to a detour to La Palma.  You will pass through Aticama where you will see lots of oyster bars, then on to Los Cocos.  Look for the Hotel Delphin and you are almost there.  You can also take the white bus as 10:30 or 12:30 or take a taxi for 100 pesos.  Everybody loves Casa Maņana and there's no bugs!! 

Etc. Beach Club  This is a new place located on Matanchen Beach.  It is a large attractive restaurant with a swimming pool on a quiet area of a long, wide beach.  From what I could tell, the food seems quite good and it is also a nice place to relax and spend the day.  If you like peace and quiet, go during the week.   Take the El Llano bus and look for the sign. Only open on weekends.

Surrounding Area  Then, if you start getting too relaxed and happy in San Blas, take a bus trip to Tepic or Santiago!  These are some real adventure excursions, especially to Santiago where there is a really good Chinese restaurant. But actually, now we have a really good Chinese restaurant right here in San Blas.

*Not responsible for any damages that might occur.