For me the nightlife consists of sitting in the plaza eating ice cream.  There are many, many holidays, with parades, fireworks, dancers and live entertainment in the plaza.  Sometimes a circus or hypnotist will arrive and these can be quite entertaining for $2.   At other time they have amusement park rides. On Saturdays they often have live music at the local restaurants - usually  at Wala Wala or upstairs at McDonalds.

Dining out is another big entertainment - the tourist type restaurants cost about $6 to $10 for dinner - some of the favorites are La Isla, known for its seafood, McDonalds, the Wakame Gourmet Chinese Restaurant and Cha Cha's (El Cocodrilo).   The restaurant Wala Wala has live music many nights during the winter months. There are a number of other cheap Mexican places scattered about and some of them are quite good. My favorite is Sandra's about 3 blocks down from the bus station as you head out of town. By the way, the taco stand on the plaza has excellent chile rellenos.

There are a few bars - Billy Bob's next to Wala Wala is a San Blas classic.

They have the usual drinks plus Sunday Night Dinner Specials for 65 pesos made by Glenda.

The San Blas Social Club is located on the S.E. Corner of the Plaza, #6 Juarez. Jazz Albums line the walls, pick one out and we'll play it for you. Great place to meet for a drink, and perfect to sit and people watch. Try our special "Martin & Lewis" - a beer and a shot of tequila, or our famous margarita's. We brew local Capulin coffee. You can dine upstairs in our restaurant, or eat at the bar. The Bar is open year-round. Free Wi-Fi. Visit us on Facebook: San Blas Social Club