Kirinlingu: Fantastics shrimp or fish tacos. On the corner of Batallon and Mercado (by Farmacia Economica). 15 pesos each. Also try the agua fresca. It is the best I've had.

Ofro's: New in 2013, this attractive restaurant offers good food at reasonable prices. English Spoken.

The San Blas Social Club has moved. It is now on Batallon overlooking the plaza. It offers indoor and patio seating. We specialize in fine steaks and seafood. Some of our customers favorites include, Blue Shrimp Scampi, Veal Scallopini, Chicken Parmigiana, Homemade Ravioli, and Rib Eye Steak. Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Bar Food, with a Full Bar and Wine list. We have theme nights, like Beefsteak Night and Guest Chef Night and we're available for catered events and private parties. Located on the S.E. Corner of the Plaza #6 Juarez, above the bar. Open Mid October - May. Visit us on Facebook: San Blas Social Club

Billy Bob's Cafe: A friendly place to drop by for a beer. Glenda serves American comfort food during the high season (Wednesday thru Sunday) at very reasonable prices. Across from the Bucanero. English spoken

Wala Wala has good food and live music on Wednesdays and Fridays during the winter. The hamburgers are excellent and the breaded shrimp are the best. Pedro is your host. They are open from 7:30am until 10pm - closed Sundays. During the summer they close in the afternoons. English spoken.

Tradiciones is open from 7am to 9pm. They serve good breakfasts, chile rellenos and many other Mexican specialities at a reasonable price. They are located a block from the police station heading toward the arch.

Pizza Pan: Located on Juarez across from McDonalds, this place has great pizza. It is kind of a gourmet pizza - the type you don't have to feel too guilty about.

South Beach Etc. is definately one of the most attractive restaurants in town. The pancakes with fruit are excellent. Open year round.

Anitijitos are served on the west side of the plaza - carne asada with grilled onions on homemade corn tortillas with a good selection of sauces and condiments including beans. They also have tortas, quesadillas, eggs and chile rellanos.

Sandra's: This place has the best quesadillas with carne asada, broiled onions and sauses. You can choose between handmade corn or flour totillas. A little out of the way, but don't miss it. It is located on Sinaloa about 3 blocks past the bus station toward the arch. It is outdoors and has Sandra's written on the wall. Opens at dusk.

Wakame Gourmet Chinese
They have a good selection of Chinese and even some Japanese food.   They offer many vegetarian dishes such as brocoli or vegetarian fried rice. (Go 2 blocks down the street from the church towards the air strip and make a right).
Located a half block from the plaza on Juarez, this restaurant is a San Blas tradition. It has a nice atmosphere where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner as you watch the world go by. Mike and Mika plays rock and blues on Saturday nights and they are very good.
There is a carnitas stand located a block from the plaza as you head to the docks. Carnitas are chunks of deep-fried pork and are quite delicious. You can sit down and order some tacos or get some to take home.
El Delphin at the Garza Canela
It's hard to believe this place exists in San Blas - in fact you feel like you left San Blas when you enter the restaurant. El Delphin offers gourmet French food at reasonable prices - 100 to 150 pesos a plate. The chef who was born in San Blas attended the Cordon Blue chef's school in France.
La Isla (Chef Tony's)
Best seafood in San Blas and a very unusal ambiance - this is not to be missed. (2 blocks from the plaza)
Cha Cha's (El Crocodrilo)
Located right on the plaza - this is the best spot for people watching. They serve drinks as well as an assortment of fine food.