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Friends of San Blas

I know that many of you who visit this site are people who have been to San Blas at one time and love the place and the people. This page is to let you know what's new on the site. If you have any photos or stories you would like to share with us, please email me by uisng the contact form.

I put a video of Julio singing "Puerto de San Blas". You will see it on the menu bar. Also there are some great videos of San Blas musicians out on Youtube. Click here to see them.

This map is just incredible - you can zoom into anyplace in the world to a level where you can see the houses. I was able to see the car in my driveway in San Diego. To see other parts of the world, zoom out until you see that parts you want - then put the part you want to look at in the center and start zooming in. Be sure as you zoom in to adjust it so what you want to see remains in the center. Click here

About this

I made my first trip to San Blas in 1972 and fell in love with it. I have been coming back ever since - for many years on vacation and later on to live. I don't know why, but San Blas is the perfect place for me.

After Hurricane Keena in October, 2002, the tourists stopped coming for a while so I decided to do this website to promote tourism - to help bring in a little money to what was at that time a very poor town.

I don't charge anything for the listings on my site - so if you have a place for rent or whatever, let me know and I will put it on.

Right now I am working on a new section - day trips, two day trips and week long trips from San Blas. These new pages are geared to people who will be traveling around, using the San Blas area as a base. I know most gringos prefer to drive but I give the bus routes because for me it seems alot easier, safer, cheaper and more ecologically friendly. Mexico is a remarkable country - and so varied - don't miss out on the opportunity to see more.

This site is a work in process - if you have information, photos, poems, artwork or stories you would like to add please let me know. I am especially looking for birdwatching info or information on the history of San Blas. Thanks for visiting my website.

More Information:
If you a question about something that is not covered in this site, feel free to contact me. If you see me or Saba in San Blas be sure to say hi.

Pat Cordes