Hotels in San Blas

For budget travelers who are not staying long, you might check out one of 3 hotels that are on the main road from the plaza to the beach.  There is the Hotel Morelos, ( 323 285 1345 ) the Hotel Ranchero and around the corner the Casa Maria.  These are $15 to $20 a night and have communal cooking areas and garden patios.  Also very popular is the Bucanero across from Wala Wala. It is old and can be noisy, but it is quite popular since it is cheap and in a good location. They take pets. All of these hotels are centrally located close to the plaza and bus station. These are the closest thing San Blas has to a youth hostel.  

A good mid-range choice is the Posada Del Ray.  They have a small pool and a nice ambience. 

For a more luxorious place try the Garza Canela or Los Flamingos. Both places are very nice and have large pools.


Another upscale option is La Casa De Las Cocadas with a nice view of the estuary from the upstairs bar. It is an older building that has been tastefully renovated and decorated. It has a huge TV screen for sports viewing. Check out their excellent website at Casa De Las Cocadas (01 323 285 0960).