san blas mexico

Compostela, Nayarit, Mexico

When I arrived in Compostela my first reaction was, "what am I going to do here for 2 days"? I was pleasantly surprised. There is a nice plaza with a church built in the XVI century. There is also a small museum on the plaza that is worth seeing. Oddly enough there are bicycle rickshaws which you can take for a little tour of this colonial city. (The driver is included). On the outskirts of town is a small lake and 2 swimming pools - a public one and another very pretty pool in a barbeque restarant. You can pay to get into the private pool - but next time I will eat there. The food looked very good! To get there ask, for the albercas. The nearby Hacienda Miravalles, which was an one of the most important haciendas from the XVI to the XVII centuries, is now closed to visitors.

There are 2 hotels near the main plaza and a very good carne asada restaurant.