Choosing your destination:  Talk to people who travel and ask for recommendations.  If you are an inexperienced traveler, look for a  country that has a lot of tourists and a low crime rate, where you can communicate in English or a second language.  Check out the climate, the health risks and the costs - if you are a budget traveler you might not have too much fun if a coke costs $5.  Lonely Planet, online, and in book form is the best resource.

Safety:  Check out the US Department of State Travel Warnings.  Use a money belt.  Never leave your valuables on the beach, even if it looks deserted.  If going to a remote place, ask the locals if it is safe.  Don't wear expensive watches or jewelry, don't carry a purse, (use a backpack or small bag).  Don't use a fanny pack.   Don't use the ATM at night.

Money:  Bring at least $100 in US 20 dollar bills.  This is for easy changing.  Find out in advance if they have ATMS in the country you are visiting. Only use the ATMs when the bank is open.  This is safer and also you will have some recourse if the ATM eats your card.  Bring  $300 or so in travelers checks for emergencies in case the ATM doesn't work. Always know the exchange rate and how much you expect to get prior to changing money.  Some money changers post a good rate but charge a 'commission'.  

Food:  I avoid lettuce and strawberries.  Carry snacks such as fruit, raisons and nuts for long bus and plane trips.  Always carry water.

Hotels:   Tell them you want a quiet room and always look at it prior to taking it.   The hotel rates are usually quite a bit higher than what they say in the guide books.  If you are staying for a while, look for a monthly bungalow rental.  It is much cheaper.

Travel Light;  This is the most important thing if you want to have fun.  Whatever you bring you will be lugging around for miles and miles in the heat with no one to help you.

My Destination Tips

Mexico:  This is a great country to travel in - good food, nice people, lots to see, great beaches.  It's easy to get around in and you can travel easily for $25 a day.  The only down side is that buses are kind of expensive (but very nice).

Egypt:   The people will do just about anything to get you in their shops and it can be irritating.  However, there are good attractions and prices are reasonable.  For me though, I have to say I didn't enjoy it.

Thailand:  This is a great destination for inexperienced travelers.  There seems to be someone on every street corner saying "this way lady".  Good food, interesting sites.  Strongly reccommend the Top North Hotel in Changmai - cheap with a big pool.  Also very nice in the south is the Santuary on Kho Pha Pnang.

Eritrea:  Not your normal tourist destination.  There are not alot of attractions such as museums but the food is good, it's cheap and the people are incredible.

Bosnia: The war is over and Bosnis is open for tourism. This is really a beautiful country and Sarajevo has alot of cultural events. This is a great place for people wanting to get away from tourist traps. Highly recommended.

Romania: It can be a little difficult to travel in Romania - not everyone speaks English. But the prices are cheap, the people are nice and there are great tourist attractions. Well worth the effort.

India: I liked it!!!  I wasnt sure if I would or not.  It is such an interesting place. It is especially good if you are interested in yoga, meditation, or reiki.  I went to Rishikesh the last trip. Just be sure to have plenty of time for a trip to India because it is a large country and everything takes a long time.