san blas mexico

Aticama, Nayarit, Mexico

The little village of Matanchen is about 3 miles south of San Blas on the road to Vallarta. The beach from there to Aticama is also called Matanchen.

After you leave the village of Matachen you will go along a long strech of beach called Matanchen Beach. As you approach Aticama you will see a big hill/cliff called Aticama Hill where many gringos reside. Around the corner you will come to a Balneario on the left. This is a river with a natural hot spring but the swimming holes tend to be very shallow. On the right you will see the entrance to Aticama Hill - an arch surrounded by bouganvillas.

Aticama is known for it's oysters - you can often see oster fisherman along the coast with their bicicles and inner tubes. They hang a bag from the inner tube and chisle the oysters off the rocks in low tide.

There are several restaurants in town specializing in seafood and oysters. I personally prefer the other seafood to the osters because of the health risks.



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